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As part of their marketing efforts, Uber Dental Marketing also produced a series of dental education videos for Ritter and Ramsey. These videos covered a wide range of topics, including common dental procedures, dental hygiene tips, and the benefits of regular checkups.

The videos were designed to not only educate potential patients about dental health, but also to showcase the expertise and professionalism of the Ritter and Ramsey team. They were prominently featured on the practice’s website and social media accounts, and were also distributed to local news outlets and shared on various online platforms.

The video dental content proved to be highly effective in attracting new patients to Ritter and Ramsey. Many potential patients were impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise demonstrated in the videos, and were more likely to trust the practice and schedule appointments as a result.

In addition, the videos helped to establish Ritter and Ramsey as a leading dental practice in the Jupiter, Florida area. They were widely shared and viewed online, increasing the practice’s visibility and reach to a larger audience.

Overall, the video dental content produced by Uber Dental Marketing played a crucial role in helping Ritter and Ramsey attract new patients and increase their online presence. It helped the practice to stand out in a crowded market and establish itself as a trusted and respected provider of dental care.

Our Success [JOURNEY] We Can Provide.

One of the biggest success stories for Ritter and Ramsey was their ability to attract Align Technologies, a leading provider of clear aligner therapy. Align Technologies approached the practice to host a continuing education course called the Protocol, which would be taught by some of the top clinicians in the field.

Ritter and Ramsey was able to secure the course due in large part to their improved digital presence and online reputation. The Protocol was a huge success, with many dental professionals in the area signing up to attend. The course not only generated revenue for the practice, but also helped to further establish Ritter and Ramsey as a leading provider of dental care in the Jupiter, Florida area.

Overall, the partnership with Uber Dental Marketing helped Ritter and Ramsey to significantly improve their brand presence and digital footprint, resulting in the attraction of Align Technologies and the successful hosting of the Protocol continuing education course.


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20 February, 2020

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